Fertility After Miscarriage – How To Achieve It!

Fertility After Miscarriage – How To Achieve It!

Is Fertility After Miscarriage Possible?

This may come as a shock to you, but as soon as two weeks after a miscarriage, ovulation can take place. Bleeding from a miscarriage is often resolved in just around a week after an early miscarriage.

If the miscarriage took place in the late first trimester or in the second trimester, maybe the bleeding might last longer. It is also likely that spotting could take place for as long as 4 weeks.

But as the bleeding decreases and as the levels of hormone get back to normal, the menstrual cycle will also start again.

Fact is, after you have had a miscarriage, your periods could happen within as soon as 4–6 weeks of this taking place.

But you need to note that for you to predict your period, it could take a few cycles. Albeit, if prior to your pregnancy, your periods were unpredictable, it is likely that they will continue to be unpredictable!

Though it could be tough to track ovulation in an unpredictable cycle, what is also true is that after a miscarriage, within just the first few cycles.

It is possible for you to get pregnant. You can achieve fertility after miscarriage at 5 weeks or even less than that amount of time.

Pregnancy Immediately after Miscarriage, Is it even possible?

Yes, this might be the big question racing through your mind. After you have had a miscarriage, is it possible for you to get pregnant immediately after? Is fertility after a miscarriage even possible?

According to the World Health Organization, wait for a minimum of 6 months to get pregnant again. They base this on some studies that show that if you get pregnant within 6 months of you having a miscarriage.

There would be an increase in the chances of low birth weight, preterm birth, and maternal anemia. But there are other global institutions and studies that suggest that there is no need to wait for 6 months after a miscarriage to get pregnant again.

In fact, studies done on women who got pregnant less than 6 months after they had a miscarriage, show that these women had a bigger chance of having a live birth.

They were at a lower risk as far as preterm birth can concern, their risk of having another miscarriage was far less and fertility after miscarriage was definitely possible!

These studies also revealed that those women who got pregnant within 6 months of having a miscarriage were at a lesser risk for preeclampsia, low birth weight, and stillbirth.

How to Achieve Fertility After Miscarriage?

After you have had a miscarriage, you might have a lot of concerns about getting pregnant again and you might have gone to the extent of using a fertility calculator after miscarriage or done a lot of reading on conceiving after miscarriage tips.

But even though you might have had a miscarriage, you have no cause to worry as there are lots and lots of women who have had very healthy babies after they have had a miscarriage.

What you need to understand is that having a miscarriage can be painful and stressful, but it is something common and it happens to several women all over the globe.

So, after a miscarriage, when you are considering fertility after miscarriage and you desire to get pregnant, you need to use the same old trick that has can use for ages and ages. Get the time of sex right!

Have sex to as close as possible to ovulation. And in the days that lead up to ovulation, indulge in sex every second day.

What To Do And What Not To Do For Fertility After Miscarriage

Stop alcohol: If you do not take alcohol, very good. But if you take alcohol, then it would be a very good idea for you to give it up, if you want to get pregnant after you have had a miscarriage.

Balanced Diet: After a miscarriage, when you are trying to get pregnant, it is very vital that you have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

No Smoking: After a miscarriage, when you plan on conceiving again, it is a good idea for you to quit smoking.

Body Weight: You need to maintain a healthy body weight when you plan on conceiving after you have had a miscarriage.

Give Up Drugs: All use of illegal drugs should be given up if you even hope to get pregnant after you have had a miscarriage.

Reduce caffeine: If you take caffeine, you need to reduce your intake of this to lower than 20 mg in a day. But if you stop it totally, that would be better.

Is It Easier to Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage?

Studies reveal that if you become pregnant soon after a miscarriage, the chances of you having a pregnancy that is successful is far more likely.

After you have had one miscarriage, it could be possible you do not have to wait to get pregnant again.

Why is it so easy to get pregnant after a miscarriage?

Studies have revealed that if you try to conceive within 3 months of having a miscarriage, you stand a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

Studies have also shown that conceiving within 6 months of having a miscarriage would less likely result in preterm birth or another miscarriage.

Super Fertile After Miscarriage

Yes, after you have had a miscarriage, you can get ‘super fertile’. For the best ways of knowing how to achieve fertility after miscarriage, be sure to get in touch with your doctor.